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Kundalini Yoga Lotus

अथ योगानुशासनम्

Now starts the practice of yoga

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Hey, I am Meenakshi

Welcome to DURGA - yogic empowerment. I am so glad you are here! I started this journey a few years ago and I’ve been fortunate to learn it right from the place of it's origin, India. 

​Yoga is a journey, a journey to discover yourself and your purpose and to be become one with your supreme self. The literal translation of 'yoga' which is a Sanskrit term is union. The world of yoga offers all of us a unique chance to connect with ourselves.

And I am here to guide you along this journey. A Yoga Alliance certified teacher having the chance to share the lessons and experiences learned with my students is endlessly rewarding.

I hope you spend some time scrolling around and find something that suits your flexibility and schedule. I look forward to meet you in my next yoga class.

Wish you a life full of love, peace and true joy :) 

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Yoga with Meenakshi has been a holistic experience. Her guidance with breath control and the prayer before the practise has helped bring me back to the fundamentals of Yoga to integrate the experience through body, mind and spirit

Lizelle du Preez